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Rising Battle: Sun vs. Moon is a game made during the Global Game Jam 2022 with the theme "Duality".

Versus cat and mouse game where the moon and the sun fight in an arena for the right to rise on earth and shine in the eyes of little humans.

To accomplish this goal they will pick up a crown that they must keep as long as possible. To knock the object off the opponent's head, they have a hammer with which they will have to hit the crown bearer.

The rounds end when a player keeps the crown for 10 seconds ,the winner is the first player to reach the four points.

Alexis Thiébaut - Gameplay Programmer
Eva Gallardo - 2D Artist
Florian Baumann - Game Designer / Sound Designer / 2D Artist
Maxence Ansart - Sound Designer
William Comminges - Technical Artist


30/01/2022 : First version of the game at the end of the Global Game Jam.
02/02/2022 : Bug fixes and missing assets integration.
07/02/2022 : Bug Fixes and UI Integration.


RisingBattle1_0_1.zip 39 MB
RisingBattle1_0_0.zip 39 MB

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