In Picnic Panic! you play as a little burger brought to life by a fairy and you'll have to bounce around in order to survive in this cruel world! Dodge the hands of the hungry picknicker and try not to fall while becoming bigger and bigger with whole new ingredients!

Controls :
Arrows : Move (even in menu!)
Enter: Submit in menu
R : Restart
Esc: Pause (also skip the cutscene)

Picnic Panic! was made during the Ludum Dare #50 by:
Alexis Thiébaut - Gameplay Programmer
Eva Gallardo - Pixel Artist
Florian Baumann- Composer
Lucas Guibert - Gameplay Programmer

Patch Notes:

1.01 - 04/06/2022

• Full level-art implementation with multiple tablecloths
• Balancing

• Fixed an issue where some audio sounds where not affected by the audio slider
• Fixed an issue where the menu music was playing while in game
• Fixed an issue wherthe gauge were not increasing, making the whole progression impossible

1.02 - 04/10/2022

• Added black bars on the sides of the game over screen
• Added some grass on the area corners and edges
• Improved the game rendered resolution

• Fixed an issue where the restart button could not be correctly selected
• Fixed an issue where the player was not growing up after having fulfilled their gauge

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