A downloadable game for Windows and Android

In Nailed It ! you have to smash nails with your hammers to fix things. Repair them as much as you can before being fired, and try to become the employee of the month!

This game has been made during the Global Game Jam 2020 and the theme was "Repair".


Elline Frachisse : 3D Artist

Levy Morris : Sound Designer

Cyril Peron-Dehghan : Music Composer

Julien Delaunay : Programmer

Alexis Thiébaut : Programmer

Gaëtan Vergeot : Programmer


Nailed It! - Windows (64-bits) 126 MB
Nailed It! - Oculus Quest 83 MB

Install instructions


- Unzip the archive.
- Open/Enable SteamVR.
- Run the "GGJ_2020_Quest.exe" file.
- Enjoy the game! ;)

Oculus Quest :

- Download and install SideQuest
- Unzip the archive.
- Connect your Oculus Quest.
- On the "Currently Installed Apps" tab (top-right of the window), drag and drop the APK file on the SideQuest window.
- On the "Manage files on the device" tab (top-right of the window), create at the root a "obb/com.YourCompany.NaildeIt" folder, then drag and drop the .obb file inside.
- (You can disconnect your device now)
- Enjoy the game! ;)


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Why not actually release the game on Sidequest instead of Itch?