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You play as a goblin chieftain who invade the nearby tribes to free your people ! Command your army and vanquish the enemies !
But beware : your soldiers are a bit playful and you can't order them to do whatever you want ! Each turn you will have the choice among three dice ! Move foward ! Strike ! Retreat ! Fire ! WIN !

/!\ If you want to play a second time, please quit out and launch the game once again /!\

Game made in 50h during the GMTK Game Jam 2022

Theme : Roll the Dice

Goblioc : 2D Artist (without drawing tablet...)
Alexis Thiebaut : Everything else (mainly Gameplay Programmer)

Credits :
Font : Pelagiad made by Isak Larborn
Music : Alexander Nakarada
Sound effects : Atom Spliter


Dicimate 1.0.1.rar 34 MB
Dicimate 1.0.0.rar 28 MB


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Trop pipou les gobelins